Resume Questions

Resume Questions

Hello! Welcome to my website. For my class, Interpersonal Communication, I wrote out some resume questions. I am currently a Sophomore in high school so here are some of my achievements so far.


School Activities:

9th- student council, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and band.

10th- volleyball, basketball, soccer, and National Honor Society.


School related honors:

9th- first semester honor roll, second semester honor roll, letter in basketball and letter in soccer.

10th- first semester high honor roll, letter in basketball, and third place at state basketball.


Community service:

9th- Wednesday night church small group, set up online VBS, meals on wheels, and I helped as a volunteer at Christ Lincoln’s auction.

10th- Wednesday night church small group and meals on wheels.


Enrichment Activities: Started my first job at Marcus Theaters as a Sophomore in high school, I traveled to Greece, Montenegro, Italy, and Spain in middle school, I have also traveled to Canada a few times on fishing trips.


Three qualities I like best about myself!

1. I am a genuine and honest person.

2. I have determination and rarely give up at anything I’m involved in.

3. I can organize my life to become the best version of myself.


Philosophy on life: At the moment I want to just enjoy life to the fullest. I don’t want to be dragged down by judgments from others or expectations. I want to do what is fun for me. Two goals I am working on at the moment is getting a job and staying in shape.

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